New World Model Ripping


NW Model Cache
Batch Script
Right click, save link as.
Unity Studio

Extracting Models

  1. Download and extract all of the requirements above.
  2. Open the folder you extracted the model cache to and go into the Shared folder that corresponds to the character you want a model from.
    There's no easy way to know which character is which yet but the Shared folders follow the order seen in this YouTube video.
  3. The Shared folder contains many other folders with hashes for names (for example "920a28ce36d184392d441f6eb17fa8b882291a74"). Copy UnityEX.exe and run.bat into the same folder as these hashes like so.
  4. Double click run.bat. This opens a console window that runs through all of the folders and extracts their data files. After a few seconds it'll vanish.
  5. Open Unity Studio and click File>Load Folder. Go into the Shared folder you ran the batch file in and click Open.
  6. On the left hand side there will be a Scene Hierarchy, and on the right a Preview window that shows nothing. Don't worry about the preview, I couldn't get it to work either.
    If you want the textures, click Export>All Assets and pick where you want to save them to. The textures will be in PVR format, which can only be edited from what I can see by installing PVRTexTool. If you plan on installing PVRTexTool then make sure you uncheck everything on the installer that isn't PVRTexTool itself, or you'll end up downloading 13GB of stuff you don't need.
    If you want the 3D Model, click Export>All 3D Objects and pick where you want to save it to. The model will be in FBX format and fully rigged.

If the 3D Model you export doesn't have a face, you will need to run the batch script on other characters until you find a model with a face built in, open the folder in Unity Studio and in the Scene Hierarchy check ONE of the options that has a + to the left of it, then go to Export>Selected 3D objects. Open the FBX you've made and keep going through the Scene Hierarchy until you have an FBX of just the face. This model tends to preview correctly but there's actually a chunk missing from it if you import to Unity, so you'll need to convert it to .dae format and then back to FBX to fix the broken chin. After that you'll need to manually place the head into the model in whatever 3D program you prefer. If anyone knows a better way of resolving this problem let me know.

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